The Shed Show August 2016 – Remembering my first solo exhibition

The Nick Tearle Fenland Artist Facebook page post for the 8th of August 2016 read:

The Shed Show – A huge thankyou, A huge Success

The Shed Show, which took place in West Deeping this weekend, represented a culmination of twelve months worth of paintings devoted to the subject of our local fenlands.
It served also to celebrate the first year of successfully working full time as a local Artist. It was the first solo exhibition of my work and turned out to be a great success.
Bringing the community together through a shared love of our landscape, the event gave people the chance to mingle, make new friends and enjoy the glorious weather.
Sue & Dick Latham kept the much needed refreshments on sale, raising funds for West Deeping Village Hall, whilst free tasters of delicious homemade wines were handed out by Judy & Henk Buijs.
In total, seven original paintings found new homes over the weekend. The support and encouragement shown by local people was second to none.
A huge heart-felt thank you needs to be said, to everyone that came, shared their love of the Fens and their stories of the landscape, to everyone that helped to make the event happen, to Sue & Dick, Henk & Judy and of course to my incredibly hard working family for their support.

My first solo show dubbed ‘The Shed Show’ as it took place in my neigbours roadside shed is one of my favourite memories of my journey as an artist so far. The event took place on the weekedn of the 6th and 7th of August 2016. We had perfect weather and thronging crowds, it was great day for the village and for me.

Here are the photos from the event.