Fenland Art

Fenland Painting - Under a Fenland Sky - Nick Tearle Fenland Artist

Huge skies, open landscape, beautiful sunsets and sunrises and always an air of hope tinged with drama; the fens are a great inspiration for a landscape artist. Working with oils or acrylic I try to capture fleeting moments throughout the year that in some way represent my relationship to the landscape.

Fenland Sunrise - Oil Painting by Nick Tearle Fenland Artist

For me this landscape is about freedom and space, there’s a kind of peace you get as you wander through the open fields from one spinney to the next under the dominant sky. Dwarfed by the sheer scale of clouds as they drift unhindered toward a distant horizon.

Atmospheric light and weather conditions cloak the landscape in its many guises and painting the fens or rather the fenland landscape is something I enjoy all year round.

Fenland House near Frognall, 2019 – Oil Painting by Nick Tearle Fenland Artist