The inspiration for oil painter Nick Tearle lies in the agricultural landscape in which he lives and works, the Fens. Nick is particularly drawn to the small holdings and farms which stand isolated on the horizons of their flat surroundings.

Strongly influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper, Van Gogh and Cezanne alongside contemporaries such as Mike Svob and John Crump, Nick records his subjects with drama and romance in an impressionist style.

A student of Fine Art, Graphic Design, Art History and Photography, Nick had built a solid foundation in visual art by the time he left college.

In 2004, Nick’s paintings were included in the ‘Next Generation’ show at the Catmose Gallery, Oakham. Whilst continuing his studies Nick began working as a freelance Graphic Designer.

In 2013 whilst living in Singapore, Nick produced artwork for global beer brand Tiger Beer. His graphic artwork was also featured in the Unbreakable issue of Kult magazine, Singapore.

In 2014, living in the Philippines, Nick was featured on the local television news channel GMA News discussing in interview his series of landscape paintings of the tropical archipelago.

‘Winter Morning on Thorney Dyke’ January 2016

Since 2015 the subject of Nick’s work has been solely the Fenland landscape. He has gained a dedicated following and has been featured in numerous local publications. Through exhibiting at over 10 exhibitions both solo and with groups he has sold over 50 original works in two years and completed more than 5 commissioned works. He has also published a book and won the 2017 Andrew Howarth Award.

Along side his original painting, Nick produces a huge variety of high quality products for fans of his work including limited edition giclee prints, greetings cards and bookmarks.

Today, Nick works full time as an artist whilst also running Fenland Frames a bespoke framing studio. He paints either literally ‘in the field’ or from his own photographic source material in his home studio. His technique relies on the mastery of his medium-oil paint-painting wet in wet, dark to light and fat over lean.