Small Beginnings: How I started selling my fenland paintings

When I first began painting the fenland landscape I had no idea that my paintings would find an audience or that I’d ever sell one. Fortunately for me I stumbled across a great opportunity to show and sell my work early on. One Friday morning back in 2016 I visited Stamford town centre, Lincolnshire and was surprised to see a group of artists setting up their stalls in Red Lion Square.

The Artisan’s on Friday was a small arts and craft market with super affordable rates, a great community spirit and fantastic artwork. This is really where I got the first chance to really sell my work, and by that I mean present it to people first hand, and to engage with prospective customers.

Having that market day to look forward to every Friday morning was a great motivator, throughout the week I’d be designing new products, greetings cards, limited edition prints and framing new originals. Each market day I’d talk to as many people as possible and take as many email addresses as I could to form a mailing list – a marketing strategy that would be crucial for future sales and events.

From my small A-Frame stall I sold my first originals and gained my first commissions. I made connections for galleries, group events and exhibitions. More importantly I gained to confidence to continue making paintings of the fens.