Standing High out of Shrunken Peat


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Standing High out of Shrunken Peat by Nick Tearle & Becky Owen-Fisher (Hardback)

Standing High out of Shrunken Peat is a love letter to the Fens created by two local artists, painter Nick Tearle and poet, Becky Owen-Fisher. The result is a uniquely beautiful, coffee-table read, featuring ten original poems and a collection of twenty-three painting reproductions.

“The beauty of the fens, encaspulated” – Judy Stevens – I’d Rather Be in Deeping Magazine

“Perfectly depicting beauty, landscape and atmosphere” – Natasha Shiels – The Fens Magazine

Excerpt from the book:

Sunset over Six Score Road - Nick Tearle Fenland Artist

Fen Tigers by Becky Owen-Fisher

Look to the west, to the red setting sun, See the shadows it casts on the ground, Brush strokes of pink wash over the view, Hear the birds end the day with their sound.

The horizon it beckons, bright disc dropping down, And you know very soon its end’s met.
Keep watching it burn as it reaches the line
And you’ll see it, even after it’s set.

How far can you see? To the edge of the earth? A patchwork of fields, all fenced in.
Only churches and trees puncture the view,
It is still like it always has been.

Drive from the mountains, back to the east,
The road tumbles in front of your eyes.
The land opens out, uncrinkled, smoothed down, And you’ll know then that we stole the skies.

For years we have lived here and worked in the mud, Learnt the mists and the waters since then.
We are monks, and hermits, and farmers, and thieves, But most of all, we are tigers of the fen.

Nick Tearle

Nick Tearle is an award-winning oil painter, whose work focuses solely on the Fenland landscape. His work features in the regular exhibitions of the Lincolnshire Artists’ Society and the Welland Valley Art Society. Nick’s paintings catch the drama of the landscape caught in fleeting light beneath huge fenland skies rendered either en plein air or in his home studio in West Deeping.

Becky Owen-Fisher

Becky Owen-Fisher is a poet and playwright whose work is often inspired by the fen landscape of her home. Becky’s writing includes plays for the stage and radio, poetry, short stories, and an in-progress novel. Since 2018 Becky has been the Producer and Dramaturg for Peterborough based Lamphouse Theatre.