"And the horizon stooping smiles, Oer treeless fens of many miles. Spring comes and goes and comes again, And all is nakedness and fen."

- John Clare

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Winter Morning on Thorney Dyke

From Haconby over Morton to Crowland

Crowland Abbey from Cloot Drove

Fenland House near Frognall

Storm Clouds over Langtoft Fen

Frosty Morning on Thorney Dyke

Fenland House near Thorney


Fenland House near Langtoft

April Sky over Langtoft Fen

Autumnal Sunset on Straight Drove

Fenland Sky from Bourne Road

The Flatlands of Cambridgeshire

November on King's Delph Drove

St. Andrews Church, West Deeping

Fenland Sky over Maxey

Rapeseed on Mill Road

Talbot Hotel, Oundel

Rapeseed near Maxey

Knarr Cross Farm, Thorney

Sunset over Six Score Road

Fenland Morning

Sunrise near West Deeping

Fenland Sunrise

Houses, near Etton

Crowland Abbey

Barn near Helpston

April on Langtoft Fen

Sunset in The Fens

Fenland Twilight

King Street Drian

Fenland Sky over King Street

Fenland sky over St. Peters, Maxey

Morton Fen

Drain near Moulton Chapel

Late Afternoon Pode Hole, Spalding

Narrow Drain

Rain on Morton Fen

Ditch near Etton

Langtoft Fen

Canary Cottage

Winter at the Mill, West Deeping

Inkerton Fen